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Your car’s belts and hoses are essential to the cooling, air conditioning, and charging systems, and the engine. Here at Ward Service Auto Repair in Monrovia, our team takes them seriously as we understand that ignoring the routine replacement intervals will result in a costly breakdown that could leave you stranded. There are so many components tied together with your belts & hoses that it isn't just a simple belt or hose requiring repairs when you allow things to progress to the stage where your car or truck has a breakdown due to a faulty belt or hose.

What is the purpose and importance of your belts and hoses? - The timing belt keeps the crankshaft and camshaft mechanically synchronized to maintain engine timing. Whether serpentine, V-belt, or fan belt (the belts on the outside of the engine), they all transmit power from the front of the engine to accessories that need to be driven, such as the air conditioning, the charging system, and fans. Radiator and heater hoses carry coolant to and from the engine, radiator, and heater core. There is a scheduled replacement date in your car or truck manual for a reason as these do incur significant wear and tear as you drive.


Typical Wear and Tear - Key items that affect the replacement interval for belts and hoses in your vehicle include the following:

Vehicle age

Electrolytic corrosion


Oil contamination

Belt tension

Failed hose clamps


Symptoms that make you aware of a problem with your vehicle's belts or hoses include: 

Squeaking noise from under the hood during start-up or operation

Coolant leaks

Dashboard light will illuminate

A/C System may fail

Engine overheating

The smell of burnt rubber


Our technicians here at Ward Service Auto Repair in Monrovia will keep you informed of your suggested maintenance and any visual inspection issues they feel are a concern. However, if any of the listed symptoms are noted while you are driving then let us know immediately. Any issues or concerns with the maintenance of your automotive or truck from belts or hoses to brakes and diagnostics simply talk to our team of automotive repair experts at any time. We take our job of keeping you safely on the road serious here at Ward Service Auto Repair.


Thank you for visiting Ward Service Auto Repair in Monrovia, CA. Count on our automotive repair technicians to keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.

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